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Flat Iron

Flat Iron steak house had a sixth-month temporary residency at The Owl and Pussycat before laying down permanent bricks and mortar in Soho in late 2012 due to popular demand. Flat Iron has continued to grow in popularity since:  satisfying London’s never ending appetite for a good steak. At only £10 for a steak, it provides great value for money.

In early 2013, Solutions 4 Caterers were brought on board to handle Flat Iron’s accounts, leaving the team on site to run the show and grow the business. By providing expert knowledge, grown over 25 years in the industry, Solutions 4 Caterers are offering invaluable support to Flat Iron that enables them to continue with their already well documented success.

2012 was an amazing year for everybody concerned with Flat Iron, but 2013 will be even bigger. Solutions 4 Caterers will help us expand by applying their invaluable experience of the sector to our management information and systems.

We have only been working with Solutions 4 Caterers for a few months, but I already have absolute confidence in their ability to deliver results and really help my business to continue growing.

The team are professional, supportive, reliable and most of all fun to work with – they are unlike any other accountant I’ve ever worked with.