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Mission Burrito

Wary of being shackled by the abundant paperwork associated with hospitality management, Mission Burrito made the decision to outsource their Health & Safety, Employment, Payroll and Accounts when they opened their first site in 2009.

Four years on, Solutions 4 Caterers act as Missions Burrito’s virtual head office, handling all of the administrative activities for each individual store. Solutions 4 Caterers have witnessed the growth of Mission Burrito from an ambitious start up to a multi-site operator.

Solutions 4 Caterers has played its part, measuring and reporting on nine critical performance measures: identifying potential opportunities for profit improvement and providing initiatives to drive the growth of the business.

When deciding to outsource, I wanted to use a company with industry knowledge and experience. It’s important that we work with someone who understands what I’ll need in 2-5 years’ time.

Solutions 4 Caterers proven expertise and ability to provide a turn-key system for reporting and accounting made them the obvious choice.

I’m satisfied that my business is being excellently supported. That not only reduces stress and worry, but it allows me to focus on what really matters. They are great at being our accountant.